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Scotcal was established in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1993 with the aim of creating high quality computer-based learning (CBL) software for use in higher and further education. It relocated to Swansea, Wales in 1998, then to Bournemouth, England in 2014 where it continues to develop its highly-rated educational software.
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Boost your next Teaching Quality Assessment Rating
If you're a microbiology teacher, check out the award-winning Bacterial Growth 3 CBL package. Judged as "excellent" by several independent reviewers, it's the perfect way to develop your students' understanding of bacterial growth, experimental design and data analysis.
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Learn about bacteria the fun way
Look in on Murray, travel with him on his journey of self-discovery and learn a bit about real bacteria on the way. Murray's story is a tongue-in-cheek introduction to bacteria aimed at undergraduates in their first year of studying microbiology.
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Browse the Web and learn more about microbiology
If Bacterial Growth 3 and Murray's story encourage you to learn more about microbiology, try some of the links from the Microbiology Web links selection.
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