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Bacterial Growth 3 has a user-friendly structure with sections based on familiar items such as the Library, the Laboratory, the Lab book and the Report. Navigation between these sections is by a simple click on one of the buttons at the top of the screen.


This section explains the structure of the program and how to get help.


This section explains the aims and objectives of the practical.


This section provides background information for the practical. This is intended to be sufficient information to allow the student to complete the practical rather than to be a comprehensive summary of bacterial growth.


This is the key section of the program. The student must run experiments here that will help him/her to answer the questions that are given in the Report section (and duplicated in the Student Guide).

Lab book

This section is used to store the results of the experiments that have been run in the Laboratory. The data obtained can be printed out and/or saved if required.


This section contains twelve questions that can be answered by running appropriate experiments in the Laboratory. These are designed to test the student's understanding of the principles of bacterial growth in batch culture. They can be copied to the more popular word processors if these programs are installed. Extra questions can be added if required.


This optional section introduces the student to the kinetics of bacterial growth.

A page from the Lab Book
Checking the results in the Lab Book
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