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Hi, my name's Murray. Welcome to my story. In case you haven't guessed, I'm a bacterium. That's right - one of those "nasty" creatures that you oh-so-superior humans despise as "dirty" and "dangerous".

I first became famous when I starred in a TV commercial for a disinfectant called Domestos Multi-Surface Cleaner. I was one of a colony of bacteria strolling harmlessly across a kitchen floor when some human thug attacked us with that evil liquid. The massacre that ensued surpassed anything Quentin Tarrantino has ever come up with. Only two of us survived - me (the star has to survive) and my pal, Eric, who had to shuffle off whining "Us germs just aren't safe anywhere anymore". Humiliating isn't the word.

What makes me mad is the number of commercials that depict us bacteria as these four-inch high whingers that are good for nothing except being exterminated by the latest human antibacterial creation. It's time you humans learnt a bit about bacteria and the GOOD things we do for you as well as the bad. So, read on... if you're willing to learn.

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ABOUT THESE PAGES: Murray's story is a tongue-in-cheek introduction to bacteria aimed at undergraduates in their first year of studying microbiology. The story includes links to glossary information on bacterial cell structure. These will only work if JavaScript is enabled in the browser you are using. Click here if you want to test whether you have JavaScript enabled.
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