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  Tuesday 11 am
  A visit to my psychoanalyst
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Me on the couch

Dr Stanwick Rennie BA PhD had been my psychoanalyst for three years. He was a true gentleman. He's the only shrink I know who keeps a ladder in his consulting room so that we bacteria can get up to his couch. He greeted me with a smile.

"Come on in, Murray, and climb onto the couch. Now, just relax and tell me why you had to see me so urgently."

"I'm suffering from insomnia," I began, hesitantly...

"Well, try not to lose any sleep over it," he interjected with a mischievous grin on his face.

"I'm suffering from insomnia," I tried again, "but my problems really started when this oaf nearly trod on me..." and I told him all about my encounter with "bigfoot" and how I might be a figment rather than a real bacterium.

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